Traceability  And  Productivity

Recalls are always a reality in any industry involving food products. In the unfortunate event that a recall is required, you must show which batch it came from or stand to lose your entire crop for that season. TAP TRACK TECHNOLOGIES INC also produces a computer program that allows you to enter customer, canning and shipping information in the same time that you are manually doing it now.

The difference is that, with TAP, you can have every drop accounted for, which batch it came from and to whom it was shipped, in a matter of seconds.

TAP Business Dashboard

Keeping track of productivity is simple with our business dashboard.The business dashboard monitors all syrup production to date including repackaged syrup, freshly canned syrup, and a breakdown of syrup per grade.

TAP Barrel Management

Keep track of your barrel inventory with our barrel management form. This form lets you input the size of barrels being filled, syrup grade, fresh canning amount, and the number of barrels filled in the current batch. This program creates a unique code to help track where the syrup ends up.

TAP Recall Management

Our Recall Management form helps you find what product went where and who to contact for a recall. Search and recall by batch, barrel, or repackaging code to ensure you have recalled the correct items and no more than is needed.

All of these functions and more are included in our TAP software.


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