TAPTRACK Sap Vacuum Monitor Installation


There are only two ways a Maple Syrup Producer can increase their yield. One is to tap more trees, which isn't always an option. The other is to save valuable time and sap loss that is wasted while searching for compromised lines.

It's no secret that the advent of the vacuum based system has helped producers increase their volume of sap collection substantially.
TAPTRACK simply makes it the most efficient it can be.

TAP TRACK TECHNOLOGIES INC. produces a wireless vacuum monitoring system that attaches to the plastic tubing used in the maple syrup industry for collecting sap. The TAPTRACK system immediately alerts and directs the repair crew to the source of the compromised lines, speeding up the repair and increasing productivity.

Our solution is so cost effective that with as little as a 3% increase in sap collection, you should pay for the entire system the first season. Our test site of 20,000 taps has resulted in more than a 5% increase of sap collection, which added over $15,000 to their bottom line.
This paid for the entire TAPTRACK solution while increasing profit the very first season!

  • Save MONEY by reducing sap loss and labour costs
  • Comes complete with computer and software preloaded and ready to use
  • Easy to install wireless sensor units attach to existing lines
  • Select up to 24 hour monitoring
  • Real time alerts to base computer, text to cell phone or email
  • Pays for itself in the first year

For more information or to start saving time and product loss contact our office today 1-705-759-4857.
Sensor units attach to your existing lines!
Sap Line Vacuum Monitoring Unit

Receive Real Time Alerts of any compromised lines!
Squirrels chew through sap lines

Archive valuable data each season!
Using TAPTRACK Wireless Coordinator
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